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  1. Subject of contract and parties
    The company Cape Coral Vermietungs- und Immobilien Service, below called "CCVS", acts as an agent for the renting of holiday real estate. Relations by contract do only exist between the tenant and each owner of a rented house. The company "CCVS" does by no means deal with any kind of services regarding the tour nor does it act as a tour operator. Taking this as a fact, the parties agree that subject of the contract is the renting of a holiday real estate (holiday home) for a limited period of time (time of rental) and due to these conditions.

  2. Closing of the rental contract
    Basis of the contractual relations between the tenant and the owner of each real estate are the catalogues published by "CCVS", in which each rental object is presented together with all individual and additional terms and prices (object information). All prices listed in our catalogue or other printed material refers to the period of time this material is being published. Prices are not binding as long as they are not confirmed in the contract. Changing prices falling into the period of publishing catalogues or other printed material and closing of the contract are subject to alteration. As an offer for rental the tenant sends a written registration on the intended form to the company "CCVS". The tenant is committed to the offer for one week. The rental contract is closed with the sending of a written confirmation for the rented period of time (confirmation) which is either signed by the owner himself or by the company "CCVS" authorized by the owner. The confirmation includes the binding price of rental, the confirmed time of rental, the conditions of payment, the number of tenants as well as possible special conditions of the rental object. A changing of the rental contract after receipt of the confirmation is only possible with explicit acceptance of the owner. For the related effort "CCVS" is entitled to charge a standard fee of 50.00 EUR.

  3. Additional costs
    The costs for water, garbage collection etc. arising during the time of rental are always part of the rental interest unless anything else is said in the object information. Costs for electricity, gas and telephone as well as the final cleaning of the rental object and the BBQ grill cleaning are not included in the rental price and must be paid additionally unless anything else is explicitly agreed in written form. In case the tenant gets a boat for free with the rent of the holiday real estate, the costs for the boat instruction are always charged separately. Additional costs - in case they arise - are balanced with the deposit per clause 4 of these conditions.

  4. Deposit
    In case the object information contains the claim for paying a deposit, this deposit is to be paid to the owner together with the second instalment of the rental interest. The deposit will be balanced by the owner without any interest within 10 days after the end of the rented period. In individual cases, e.g. phone bills should be needed; it can last up to approx. 8 weeks. All additional costs as per clause 3 of these terms will be balanced together with the deposit. The deposit also serves for any damages that might be done to the object by the tenant. In case the owner pays back the deposit unconditionally, this does not exclude a claim for compensation at a later date, nor does this reverse the burden of proof. The same applies for boat security deposit, if a boat comes with the object.

  5. Payments
    The tenant pays the first deposit that is mentioned in the confirmation within 10 days after having received a confirmation from "CCVS" into an account stated by this company. The remaining amount minus the deposit has to be paid into an account stated by the agent no later than 40 days before the renting starts. At the same time, the costs for final cleaning or additional costs for the boat, if any, have to be settled according to the confirmation. Bank fees and charges arising from money transfers are due to tenant. In case the tenant does not comply with the agreed dates for payment, the owner is entitled to withdraw from the contract without giving a last date for payment, which has to be done in written form by registered mail. In case the owner withdraws from the contract for the tenant's default, the tenant himself is obliged to pay the rent agreed in the contract, should the owner not succeed in finding another tenant. In case the owner only finds another tenant for a less price than agreed in the contract, the tenant is obliged to balance the difference as compensation. Furthermore, the deposit agreed in the contract remains with "CCVS" for a compensation of all damage that might occur for not having met the agreement. The owner's claim for compensation of a more or less serious damage is not excluded by this clause.

  6. Pets
    The bringing along of pets to the rental object is generally forbidden, unless it is agreed between the parties of the contract in written form and explicitly mentioned in the confirmation.

  7. Arrival and departure
    Taking over the rented object should be done on the day of arrival from 4:00 p.m. and has to be left on the day of departure until 10:00 a.m. the latest. If a boat is part of the house is the takeover and briefing of the boat on the next morning and the boat has to be returned no later than 5 p.m. on the day before departure. Boats that are rented separately to a villa the takeover and briefing of the boat is on the morning of hire and boat return not later than 5 p.m. on the last day of rental. In case the tenant wishes another time, this has to be arranged in written form earlier. The exact time of returning the object has to be locally arranged between the tenant and a person authorized by the owner 3 days before departure the latest. In case the tenant does not correctly return the rented object he is obliged to settle all damage that might occur to the owner for that. This will be told to the tenant and balanced with the deposit made, unless it is sufficient.

  8. Persons entitled for use
    Only the person/s stated in the contract are entitled to use the rented object for the time of renting. The tenant's right to lease the rented object completely or in parts, free of or for charge is explicitly excluded. In case the tenant intends to lease the object completely or in parts to a third person or invite guests, this has to be checked and permitted by a local agent of the owner or at least be faxed to the agent before. In such a case, the owner has the right to increase the rental interest respectively and balance this amount with the deposit made. The unpermitted reception of third persons by the tenant authorizes the owner to withdraw from the rental contract without giving notice and without the reimbursement of unused rental costs.

  9. Rental object
    The owner guarantees that the rental object is free and ready for use at the agreed beginning of the rental period and for the agreed rental time. Both parties of the contract do agree that the rental object is - as a holiday real estate - used by several people and might therefore show natural signs of wear. Smaller defaults which may have a slight impact on the agreed use of the rental object (e. g. missing parts of the equipment, smaller spots of dirt, short power failures or failures of the water supply which the owner cannot be blamed for, the failure of electrical appliances, etc.) do not put the tenant in a position to claim a reduction of the rental price or ask for a damage claim. Liability of the owner is excluded as far as the rental object is influenced by acts of God, official orders or conditions or any irritations that do not originate in the owner's rental object like sound emissions, construction works, vermin etc. This exclusion of liability is not effective if the occurring damage originates in the owner's or an authorized person's premeditation or negligence. Faults that diminish the use of the rental object in a serious way allow the tenant to reduce the rental costs if he told a locally authorized person of the owner about it before, asked him to eliminate it and if the fault was not eliminated within a reasonable period of time. Liability for damages on people or owner's property that originate in faults of the rental object is excluded unless they go back to the owner's or an authorized person's premeditation or negligence. Any liability that does not originate in premeditation or negligence is limited to the tenant's right to reduce the rental price and - regarding the amount of reduction - limited to the agreed rental price. Resulting damages cannot be asserted. The description of the objects in the brochures of "CCVS" is based on details given by each owner. Although "CCVS" is spot checking the offered objects, liability of "CCVS" for the content of the brochure is excluded unless "CCVS" did not act in a way of premeditation or negligence.

  10. Tenant's obligation for care
    The tenant is obliged to handle the rental object with care, to fill in and keep all records being sent together with the confirmation as well as immediately report all damages and faults (complaints) occurring to the object during the rented period to "CCVS", as otherwise the agent does not have any possibility to intervene, e.g. after return of the boat, meaning "CCVS" would no longer be authorized by the owner to react. The report to "CCVS" is to be made by e-mail or fax. Faults found at the tenant's arrival have to be reported within 24 hours after taking over the object. After expiry of this period the burden of proof is to be furnished by the tenant in that way that he has to prove that the faults were not caused by him. The owner has the right to have eliminated all damages caused by the tenant without giving another deadline and to balance the costs with the deposit made. In case the costs for the elimination of the damage are higher than the deposit made, the tenant has to immediately balance the exceeding amount according to the invoice.

  11. Cleaning and restoration
    It is the responsibility of the tenant to regularly clean the rental object during the time of his stay. The pool will be serviced weekly by a pool service, and the chemicals adjusted. Removal of loose parts, insects etc. on or in the water is the obligation of the tenant. It has to be left in a tidy state at the date of departure. Garbage has to be removed in plastic bags in the provided containers. These containers have to be put in the street for the local collection once a week. Ask local authorized person for day of collection. Household appliances are to be kept in an operational and clean way and to be handed over in this way on the day of departure. In case the tenant does not follow this cleaning obligation, the owner is allowed to add the additional costs for cleaning to the final cleaning of the object at the tenant's charge. Costs for this are also to be balanced with the deposit. The use of the boat-cabin facilities, such as the bathroom and kitchen is permitted to the tenant under the following conditions. The tenant has to return the facilities in perfectly cleaned and sanitized condition. The use is only permitted if the tenant agrees to these terms. Also the holding tank for the toilet has to get pumped out at the gas station before returning the boat. If the cabin and its facilities are not returned in cleaned and sanitized condition, or the holding tank has not been pumped out by the tenant, an additional charge of US$ 300 applies.

  12. Salvadorian Clause
    Changes and/or additions to the rental contract have to be made in written form. This is also necessary for changing the required written form. In case one or more statements of this contract are invalid or will lose validity the contract as a whole is not affected. In such a case, the parties are obliged to replace the invalid clause by a valid one that - in an economic way - comes close to the invalid one. If there is more than one person on the tenant's side they are in total held liable for keeping to the obligations resulting from this contract. They authorize each other to stick to the owner's instructions. In case of disagreements among the tenants the first declaration made to the owner is valid. The tenant is responsible for keeping instructions concerning passport, visa, customs, foreign exchange or any other.

    The German law is base for all law suits resulting from the rental contract.
    25th July 2022

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